TV Jones Ray Butts Ful-Fidelity Filtertron Neck, Chrome (RBN-OMCHM-PAF)

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Ray Butts Ful-Fidelity Filter'Tron™ Neck Pickup -

Original Gretsch Mount Some parts of history are so legendary that they never die. The original Filter'Tron, invented by Ray Butts and originally called the "Ful-Fidelity" in his technical journals is one of those things. These pickups are made according to Ray's personal notes, designs and Jones' extensive, multi-decade analysis of original Filter'Tron pickups. Butts was awarded one of the first patents for a hum-canceling guitar pickup (No. 2,892,371, June 30, 1959.) 


Tighter bass response and slightly more top end EQ than a TV Classic. Truly unique sparkle and dynamics provided by the lower output and absence of wax. If you want the that unmistakable Great Gretsch Sound then these pickups are the way to go.


"We offer a lower 3.8K ohm version for the neck position, and a 4.2K ohm version for the bridge position. I have worked on many late 1950's Gretsch guitars with these ohm reading variations...most vintage Filter'trons float somewhere around 4.0k" - TV Jones.

DC Resistance is not entirely an indicator of true pickup output, although it can be helpful.

Bridge: DCR - 4.2k / Inductance - 1.7H

Neck: DCR - 3.8k / Inductance - 1.4H


The Original Gretsch Mount is a direct drop-in replacement for original sized Filter'Trons - with the vintage "tabs". This pickup comes with two pieces of compression rubber and 2 mounting (wood) screws. 

Wiring Notes

This pickup is shipped with vintage spec 2-conductor wire.

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