920D Custom JB-CON-C Pre-Wired Control Plate w/Concentric Knobs for J-Style Bass

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JB-CON-C Dual Pickup Bass Control Plate

This 920D Custom Dual Pickup Bass Control Plate is far from stock. This pre-wired, drop-in piece is built with premium components and will drastically clean up your tone. Each pickup has a separate volume and tone control. If you need to improve your tone shaping on your bass, then this control plate is perfect for you.


  • 1 - Hole Chrome Control Plate
  • 2 - Chrome Dome Concentric Knobs
  • 2 - 250K/500K (Volume/Tone) Concentric Pots by CTS
  • 1 - .033 Ceramic Capacitor (Neck)
  • 1 - .047 Ceramic Capacitor (Bridge)
  • 1 - Pure Tone Output Jack
  • 920D Custom Signature Wiring by Gavitt Wire

Product Details

920D Custom Signature Wiring

All 920D Custom products are highlighted with our signature orange wire. Gavitt Wire, a leading producer of premium guitar wire, has agreed to custom manufacture our signature cloth covered pushback wire, and we believe it is the perfect choice for hotrodding your guitar. The wire is built with an outer waxed cotton layer and an inner Celanese braid that provides impressive ruggedness while still maintaining a 22 gauge thickness. Limiting the amount of wire on each build compliments your choice of pickups by creating the perfect balance between capacitance and resistance.

Pure Tone 1/4" Output Jack

We exclusively use Pure Tone output jacks in all builds. Why? Because they're unquestionably better than the old, industry standard. Period.

We've all heard the crackle of a weak connection caused by pressure grounds. This is due to the old style jack only having 1 squared-off point of contact trying to meet a rounded quarter inch plug. Pure Tone has completely changed that.

Pure Tone's multi-contact quarter inch output jack has 4 rounded contact points that hold thequarter inch plug firmly in place. With 4 times the contact points, all of the dreaded cracks, snaps, and pops are gone for good. Trust us, the second you plug into this jack, you'll never want to go back.

Hand-Built In The U.S.A.

All 920D Custom creations are hand-built by experienced technicians at our headquarters in Conway, Arkansas. We treat your new gear like it's going into one of our own guitars. Every millimeter of wire is cut precisely, every solder joint is perfectly smooth and symmetrical, and every bend is purposeful and direct. We hold everything to a tremendous level of quality because we know the smallest details matter and we take great pride in our work.

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Manufacturer 920D Custom
Model Number JB-CON-C
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