Gig Gear ONYX Gig Gloves, All Black, Touchscreen Work/Stage Gloves, XXL

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Gig Gloves ONYX provide the same trusted hand protection found in all Gig Gear work gloves, without any distracting colors, tags, or logos. Perfect for theater techs, film, and live event productions, ONYX gloves are engineered for maximum protection and comfort on the job, while remaining invisible to the audience. Gig Gear ONYX features 360° protection at all touch points. The top of the gloves features TPR molding, engineered to protect hands from impact, pinching, abrasions, and other worksite safety hazards. Generous padding along the palm provides extra protection while allowing for a strong grip necessary for no-slip carrying, moving, or adjusting. The articulating design encourages circulation during use, improving blood flow and reducing fatigue during long periods of use. Strong nylon threads ensure your gloves last longer without sacrificing flexibility or comfort, while a mesh fabric allows trapped air to escape, keeping hands cool and comfortable while reducing sweat and odor in the gloves.

Built for the 21st century, the fingertips on these gloves are touch capacitive, so professionals can use smartphones, tablets, and other screens while keeping their hands totally protected. For tasks that require bare fingertips, Gig Gear’s unique fold-over fingertips protect the tops of fingers from vulnerabilities (while still cloaked in black!), while leaving fingerpads completely free to complete the task at hand. A built-in hook on each glove makes accessibility a breeze. When not in use, attach to a belt, keychain, or to each other – whatever is most convenient and easy to access for the wearer.


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Manufacturer Gig Gear
Model Number GG1011XXL
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