JM Grit Loaded Pickguard for Jazzmaster With Aged White Pickups and Knobs , Black Pearl Pickguard, and JMH-V Wiring Harness

This is the newest addition to the loaded pickguard family. Offered with your choice of 920D Custom JM Vintage or JM Grit pickups. Be prepared to take your Jazzmaster from zero to hero real fast. Rumor has it this loaded pickguard will give you special jazz powers. It's not guareented but also not totally out of the question. JM Vintage Pickups These pickups are exactly what you need to get that smooth, vintage sound. Can't go wrong with these bad boys in your Jazzmaster. JM Grit Pickups These pickups will put some pep in your axe. They are hotter than the Alabama asphalt, but not too hot as to melt your face off. Components: 920D Custom JM Vintage or JM Grit Pickups 3-Ply CNC Cut Pickguard 920D Custom Vintage Cloth Wire 2 - 920D Custom 1 Meg Split Shaft Audio Pots 1 - 920D Custom / CTS 270 Series 1 Meg Solid Shaft Linear Roller Pot 1 - 920D Custom / CTS 270 Series 50k Solid Shaft Linear Roller Pot 1 - Switchcraft Right Angle Toggle Switch 1 - Switchcraft On-On Slider Switch 1 - Pure Tone Output Jack Orange Drop Capacitors Mounting Bracket for Rollers 2 - Metal Roller Knobs 2 Witch Hat Knobs to Match White and Black Pickups Standard Aged White Strat Knobs for Aged White Pickups
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Manufacturer 920D Custom
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