LR Baggs SESSION DI Acoustic Guitar Compression EQ DI Direct Box Preamp Pedal

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Whether you're playing live or laying down tracks, the LR Bags Session Acoustic DI preamp pedal will help you get the sound you want out of your acoustic-electric guitar. A collection of clever single-knob processors let you quickly dial in professional, quality tone. Start off by cutting out the boom with the high pass filter (located on the side), which offers four settings between 40Hz and 200Hz so you can really dial it in. Next there's the variable Garret Null notch filter, which lets you tame the resonance that causes feedback, and there's a phase switch too, just in case. The saturation control makes it easy to dial in the kind of rich warmth that studio engineers use to make acoustic guitars sit perfectly in the mix. Lastly, there's the Session Acoustic DI's multiband compression, which lets you add smooth polish to your sound with just a twist of a knob.

  • Analog saturation enhances warmth and harmonic content
  • Compression/EQ smoothest out common problem frequencies
  • Garret Null notch filter tames resonate feedback
  • Variable high-pass filter attenuates extraneous low frequencies
  • 48V phantom power, 9V battery, or 9V DC powering options
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Manufacturer LR Baggs
Model Number SESSION-DI
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