Genuine Schaller Germany Original M6 Locking Guitar Tuners 6 InLine, 2-Pin Mount

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 This set of 6 in line right handed Schaller M6 locking tuners have two mounting pins which fit in to holes in the back of the headstock to stop the tuner rotating (in the same format as Schaller Fender tuners), resulting in a compact tuner size. The locking system is operated by a thumb screw on the back of the tuner for quick and easy string changes and the 6 in line sets have staggered string posts to provide the correct string tension over the nut and eliminate the need for string trees, improving tuning stability, the EAD strings have 21 mm tall posts and then the GBe strings have 19.5 mm posts.

 The enclosed gears feature a 1:18 gear ratio for accurate tuning with Schaller's Velvet-Tec and LX6-Lube technologies to ensure the gears mesh and turn smoothly and precisely, backlash is minimised and it also adds durability. The Schaller M6 range of tuners are the world's bestselling and set the standard for fully enclosed machine heads.

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Manufacturer Schaller
Model Number 10030420.01.50
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